Event Guidelines

  • There will be only 15 teams for the event, registration is on first come
    first serve basis.
  • The team size is 2, one member speaking for the topic and another
    member against it.
  • The time allotted per speaker is 4 + 1 minutes.
  • Exceeding the time limit will result in penalty.
  • The speaker who sets the motion first will be allowed to wrap up at the end of the debate.
  • The participants will not be allowed to read out from any material but
    will be allowed to carry plain papers to jot down any points if required.
  • Motion
    This house believes that censorship is justified in a democratic society.
  • সভার মতে গণতান্ত্রিক সমাজে সেন্সরশিপ ন্যায্য।
  • सदन का मानना है किसी भी पजातन्त्र मैन अभिवचन उचित हैँ


Date : 2nd April, 2023

Time : 12:00PM

Venue : Saltlake Campus

participants must reach 30 minutes prior to the event

*on spot registrations to be done on the day of event

* on spot registrations to be done by first come first serve basis


Rupkatha Chanda - +91 9073480606

Tamojit Mondal - +91 9330632427


25th March, 2023

: contact us :

General Convenors

Pratik Mahata : +91 9434363647

Soumik Maji : +91 9674079349

Abhratanu Chowdhury : +91 7044712427

Finance Convenors

Aritra Ghosh : +91 9073174116

Pabitra Mondal : +91 8777860129

Event Coordinator

Kounik Maitra : +91 8017691180


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